The Affair at Travisville

16-18 May 2014

1.  Professional appearance and courteous behavior are required throughout the weekend of The Affair at Travisville.  Those acting in a non-professional and/or non-courteous manner will be asked to leave the event site.  No illegal substances will be allowed or tolerated.

2.  Each unit commander is responsible for the conduct and behavior of any individual within their unit structure or under their command (civilians and children included).  Each commander is also required to insure that all participants under their command are aware of these “Guidelines.”  Any action considered to be unsafe or detrimental to the event will be cause for the offending person and/or unit to be asked to leave.

3. Uniforms, weapons and overall impressions will be kept to the era.

4. Pre-registration fee of $5 for reenactors and living historians must be submitted prior to 15 April 2014.  The fee for walk-ons after 15 April is $10 per person.

5. Persons under 18 years of age will require a parent’s signature to participate. No one under 16 years of age will be allowed to carry weapons on the field.

6. All personnel attending this event will need to be registered and sign a waiver whether they take the field or not.  Any participant in The Affair at Travisville does so voluntarily and guarantees that he/she is fully aware of the hazards of military reenacting and assumes all risk of injury therein, and promises his/her full compliance with all the laws of the State of Tennessee and these regulations/guidelines.  Participants shall indemnify and hold harmless the organizers and their families and their successors, assigns, agents, officials, and any other entity from any special, punitive, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages, claims, suits, or causes of action resulting from any event, whether in contract, warrant, tort (including without limitation negligence) strict liability or otherwise involving or arising from the Affair at Travisville.

7.  All participants not registering as part of a unit will be assigned to a unit and come under that unit’s regulations.

8.  Registration on Friday is from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM.

9. Children must be supervised at all times during the event.

10. Officers Call is at 10:00 A.M. Saturday, 9:00 A.M. Sunday.

11. No weapons will be discharged in the camp area…weapons will be cleared in battlefield area.

12.  Mandatory weapons and safety inspections.  All infantry will have an Early War, period correct weapon.  All accoutrements and related equipment will be of the common and correct military style designated for Infantry.  Only one pistol allowed per officer and non-commissioned officer.

13.  Each artillery piece must be a single barrel cannon field piece of common Civil War design, usage, and scale.  Each field piece MUST pass inspection by the Artillery Commander or his designee.  Officers and non-commissioned officers will be allowed to carry side arms.

14. Horses are required to have a current Coggins.  No stallions allowed. Out of control animals will require the responsible person/unit to leave.  Mandatory weapons and safety inspections of mounted forces to be performed by cavalry commander.

15. Beverages must be consumed from a period container.  Please do not display modern day items, such as coolers, drink cans, flashlights, plastic items, etc. in the camp area while the public is present, as this would take away from the event.

16. Vehicles must be out of the reenactor camping area by 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning.


17. The use of bayonets or hand-to-hand combat will not be allowed.

18. No rank above Captain will be allowed on the field unless pre-approved by the Battlefield Coordinator [Bill Heard].

19. No ATV’s, golf carts, or other recreational vehicles on site unless pre-designated for safety and/or the use of staff or for transport of elderly/handicapped.

20. No non-registered personnel are allowed to handle weapons, ride horses, or participate in the activities during this event.

21. These rules are set for the safety of all those attending the event and will not be overlooked.  The event site is both private and state park property.  State Park rules shall apply to all persons at all times.  Those that do not wish to abide by the rules will be required to leave the site and asked not to return.

22. The Field Commander & the Park Superintendent of Cordell Hull Birthplace are the ultimate authority and will make the final decisions concerning this event.

Any individual by participating in any activity involving The Affair at Travisville Reenactment has, by such actions, agreed to all terms and conditions set forth by this document.